fametracker on the oscars

If it’s the day after the Oscars, you know Fametracker‘ll be in fine form.
“Hi, I’m Sidney Poitier. People, don’t you realize that by having Faith Hill sing a love song by Diane Warren, you created a sucking vortex of whiteness so powerful that you’ve endangered everything I’ve worked so hard for? Really — I’ve seen more soul at a Cub Scout Jamboree. I’ve seen more soul at the Betty Crocker Marshmallow-based-Desserts Bake-Off in Billings, Montana. I’ve seen more soul in a very special episode of Full House, guest starring Marie Osmond, Lisa Whelchel, and G. Gordon Liddy.”
I’ve just been informed my TV appearance will be broadcast live, not taped as all my previous TXCN appearances. Shoot me now.

school lockers on txcn

Of course, I picked a wonderful night to stay up waaaay too late. Watch TXCN for any random hour tonight and you’ll see my hangdog face talking about that most magical of topics, school lockers. I’ll be the guy with circles under my micron-wide-open eyes.


Note to self: No matter how maddening things might get, no matter how questionable decisions might be, do your best not to piss off the person in charge of approving your expense account.

evil buckeye procrastination

Let’s see: it’s 12:06 a.m. So far tonight, I’ve written three stories and roughly 3,000 words. (This blog entry does not count toward those totals.) I’ve got four stories and about another 3,000 words to go, plus a whole ‘nother story to finish before noon.
The next time someone offers me a big freelance job to do, would someone please remember to tell me to either (a) turn it down or (b) start writing before the night before it’s due? Not that it’s news to me, but I’m discovering Olympian reserves of procrastination in me. I think they’re in my spleen or something.
In unrelated sanity matters, may I recommend soma.fm for your late-night Internet radio needs? I believe I may.

molly leaves, lifting weights

Dropped Molly off at the airport this morning. What a terrific girl. (When they’re 20, is “girl” still appropriate, or is it yet “woman”?) As I mentioned before, I was worried we’d get cabin fever being stuck in the same confined space for 10 days, but we got along great; by day six, we were finishing each other’s sentences. Keep an eye out for her on the pages of America’s finest publications.
I’m sore as hell from lifting weights today, for the first time in months. The reason? Well, the next time I get caught in the frame of a webcam flexing next to Jeremy, I want be able to (visually) kick his ass. Um, fat chance. (Actually, the real reason is much more prosaic: revenge!)

party preview

If you’re one of the local bloggers, I’ll probably see you tonight at the inkdeep/chimchim party tonight. There will even apparently be an appearance by Miss Haikooties herself, who I hope is over her bout of tuberculosis earlier this week. Don’t let her cough on the potato salad!
Spent this morning at a high school in suburban Fort Worth. It’s a nice, new campus, with gleaming halls, happy kids, and good administrators. After spending time in central city schools in Dallas, well, it’s a change.

bookcrossing, dfwbloggers, cdmom/burn baby burn

Meryl points out a great idea in meatspace peer-to-peer trading: BookCrossing. Leave your old books out in a random place, and watch them flow through the lives of others.
Saw the collected DFWbloggers last night, many of whom I hadn’t seen in at least a week! Fun as always, and good to see some of the not-quite-as-regulars show up. (Aside: does anybody know where I could find a readymade script for a “What Kind of Blah-Blah-Blah Am I?” quiz?)
Also, many thanks to Max and Chris, the good people behind Burn, Baby Burn! another CD mix-swapping system online. They got mefi’d, and they’re referring some of their excess traffic my way.
If I was starting CDMOM again now, I’d probably do it their way (many people send mixes to one another) rather than my current way (many people send mixes to me, and I send mixes to them). It’s likely to be much more scalable when decentralized — sort of a Gnutella vs. Napster argument. (Perhaps I shouldn’t evoke that, since I’d rather not be sued by Big Music anytime soon.)

megnut’s sxsw article

Meg — who had earlier had some interesting things to say about my mainstream-media-defending rant a few days ago (check the comments) — has turned the SXSW panel experience into an interesting article on how conferences are less then ideally structured.
Not to drag the indie-media-vs.-mainstream-media debate on, but Meg makes an intriguing observation about the experience of writing up her thoughts for a publication (even an online one) versus simply blogging them:
“So far what’s been cool about writing for O’Reilly is the opportunity to think more deeply on a topic. The observation that lead to this month’s column in the past would have been a simple megnut post, probably no more than a paragraph or two. I doubt I would have taken the time and effort to seriously explore the implications of my observations. But the column forced me to do this, and I really enjoyed the process.”
Go Big-M Media! 🙂