sea ray interview, greg on green lantern

Something called The Wood has posted a group interview with the members of Sea Ray, NYC’s next hot band du jour. As I’ve mentioned before, I went to college with Greg and I-Huei from the band, and this interview is classic Greg.
He’s completely silent on band-related matters, until this question is posed to the group:
Who would win in a fight, Batman or The Green Lantern?
I-Huei: Peter Katis, who is helping us record some songs, could beat them both, at the same time, with his mind.
Jordan: You

easy rider, luna at ridglea

Obligatory weekend wrapup: Hung out with old Toledo pal Iggy, who was in town for a couple days. Watched a couple movies: The Wild Bunch (lots of blood, that) and Easy Rider. The ending seemed a touch heavy-handed, but then again, Dennis Hopper seems hard-wired to be heavy-handed, bless him.
If you want to follow Captain America’s path in the movie, others have made it easy for you. May I suggest a stop in Morganza, Louisiana, site of the film’s first moment of brutality? I’m sure its real-life residents aren’t nearly as nasty as its cinematic ones.
Easy Rider trivia: Did you know the great Seymour Cassel was a camera tech on the film’s New Orleans scenes? Or that he did time for conspiracy to sell coke? (Wesandersonphiles know Cassel as Bert Fischer, Max’s dad in Rushmore.)
And, on Saturday, saw Luna at the Ridglea in Fort Worth. Seeing a Luna show is always risky, if only because bassist Britta Phillips could at any moment explode in a display of raw sexual energy. Geezumpete, she’s a looker. The ostensibly heterosexual woman standing next to me was just about ready to switch teams.
That said, what a tiny band! I’d be surprised if any of Britta, Dean, and the new keyboard player broke a buck-ten. Wee little people.
By the way, Lunaphiles, new EP coming out Oct. 8. So-so advance MP3 here.

tons of hits

If anyone doubts the power of the Daily Candy machine, I got 17,885 hits yesterday. Jesus H. Christ! (Coincidentally, I was also taunted 17,885 times for the picture they used, taken last month in a suburban Toledo bathroom.)
I also had 250+ people sign up for the CD Mix of the Month Club. I’m accepting all offers of CD burning assistance.
Now I suppose there’s some pressure to post something interesting here for a change so my new visitors stay interested. Am I up to the task? Will I fall flat on my face with one too many boring Malcolm Gladwell posts? Will I rally with more classic M&M vote fraud investigative journalism? Only time will tell.

daily candy links to me

A hearty welcome for the frighteningly large number of people finding this web site via Daily Candy. (To give you an idea how big the traffic flow is, the CD Mix of the Month Club has been the MSN Site of the Day twice — and as of 9 a.m. this morning, I’d already gotten more hits from Daily Candy than I ever did from MSN.)
Longtime readers curious what I look like may also be interested in following that link.

national peanut tour

Coming next month to Dallas: The National Peanut Tour, courtesy the National Peanut Board (“Your Guide to the World of Peanuts!”).
From the press release:
The main attraction of the traveling peanut festival is the 53-foot interactive peanut truck with a 32-foot peanut replica attached to the back…The interactive peanut festival includes a virtual reality of the life of a peanut named Buddy McNutty going through the process of turning into peanut butter…The festival includes an emcee and other

management appraisal conversation

Your manager is not the only one responsible for your appraisal. An appraisal is a two-way street. A good appraisal is the result of a partnership between you and your manager. It is a chance to make sure that you are aligned on your goals, job expectations and performance standards.
Example: How to receive feedback.
Janet: Sue, I overheard you yesterday talking to one of your internal customers and that attitude has got to stop.
Sue: Janet, I don’t know what you are talking about.
Janet: You were talking to Mary in credit and you really talked down to her.
Sue: Well, she is stupid.
STOP! How might Sue have responded?
Sue: Janet, help me understand. What did I say that was a problem?
Janet: I believe you told someone that you didn’t have time for them.
Sue: So, you felt that I didn’t treat her with respect?
Janet: Exactly. We just can’t treat our internal customers that way. Respect is one of our corporate values.
Sue: Janet, you know I guess you are right. I was just so frustrated with her for losing one of our checks. I will call and apologize and really try to watch how I talk to people. I didn’t mean to be rude.

nashville, ipod, edgar, and dead tupac

Wouldn’t want you folks to think I was being less than attentive to my crabwalk obligations. Just got in last night from Nashville, where I got to learn far too much about federal education reform and got to see Anthony, my old high school bud. This is the second time in two years I’ve seen Anthony in Nashville, and each time his wife was “out of town.” You’re not fooling me, man — she’s fictional, I know it.
Also took advantage of having HBO in the hotel room to watch The Sopranos. I saw nothing to convince me to change my prior opinion: a perfectly good show, but not the television deity some would have us believe.
One other thing: my iPod may be the most perfectly designed consumer good since the egg. There’s no better way to generate instant jealousy at an airport.
Met with my Little Brother today for the first time in a few months. (We’re only supposed to meet during the school year.) He ended up not getting enough credits to be promoted to 10th grade, so he’s a freshman again. (Almost one in five Texas high school freshmen take more than a year to become sophomores.) I’m looking forward to hearing his latest theories on how Tupac’s really not dead and is waiting on a Caribbean island for his eventual return.

elisabeth kieselstein-cord

Can someone tell me why Google searches for Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord have tripled my usual hit count today? Did she do something newsworthy? Geez, I mention her once in an appreciation of George Gurley two months ago and all of a sudden this is EK-C Central.
In any event, Google’s mistakenly pointing to this site’s main page instead of the archive page that actually mentions her. So Cordistas, here’s the page you’re looking for.