off to rayne

I’m off to Rayne after work for a long weekend. (It’s Frog Festival weekend — how could I resist?) I’ll be back in Dallas Tuesday night.
This evening’s six-hour drive will be the first long trip I take in my car since my air conditioning went out two months ago. Pray for me.

yale greenhill story

Very short story today, on what local schools give students the best chance of getting into Yale, Harvard or Princeton. Coming in first place: Greenhill.
(Not that it helped Greenhill’s most famous blogging alum, who had to settle for some little known Pennsylvania school, where she resorted to writing advice columns under animal pseudonyms.)
Sadly, the copy desk changed the story’s lead, which was originally: “Hey, ambitious parents! Want bragging rights at the law firm?”
Close readers will also notice that I ordered the schools as “Yale, Harvard or Princeton,” contrary to the misguided (though more common) “Harvard, Yale or Princeton.” Hey, I might as well use what little power I have here, yes?

jaguar review

I’ve been kicking the tires on Jaguar the last few days, and I’m impressed. Maybe not $129 impressed, but impressed nonetheless. The OS is more responsive and the polish is impressive — the Finder in 10.1.5 always seemed a couple clicks off. And of course, the stability’s still rock solid. That said, here are my only three complaints:
– Disabling command-tab for app switching, which LiteSwitch X handled much more logically than the OS did. Now command-tab can’t be taken away from the OS, and I’m stuck option-tabbing through apps.
– My cheapo laser printer doesn’t work anymore. Samsung says they’re working on a new driver. Perhaps they’re too busy with other tasks.
– My broadband connection now drops every time I put the ‘puter to sleep. I can’t figure out anyway to get it back other than restarting. Which is no fun at all, since the ease of low-power sleep in OS X was perhaps my favorite feature of the system.
Anyone with suggestions on fixing one or more of these problems should email me, yo.

neighbor’s girlfriend alive, webinar

Remember my next-door neighbor, the one the cops were looking for a while back because his jailbait girlfriend had gone missing? Well, I spotted the two of them outside the TABC the other night, apparently no worse for wear. So you can all stop your worrying — I know it’s been keeping you up nights.
Today’s nominee for Word That Shall Never Be Repeated: webinar.