txcn and cheap date

FYI, I’ll be on TXCN live this afternoon at 4:20, then looping on tape throughout the evening.
Perhaps I’ll be loopy on something else entirely by then.
Emergency request: I’m supposed to go on a Cheap Date tonight. (For new readers: I write an occasional column for my employer detailing a night on the town that, for two people, costs less than 30 bucks.) But I’ve been too busy to plan. Anyone have any good ideas for a Dallas Cheap Date?

ayp exclusive

Here’s my story from today’s front page, on a new testing standard that means almost a third of Texas schools will be declared failing by the feds this year.
And here are links to the equivalent stories in the Houston Chronicle, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Austin American-Statesman, and the San Antonio Express News: um, oh, that’s right. They didn’t get the story.

grusendorf story

What a day. Along with the NYT thing, here’s my story from today’s front page, a somewhat interesting profile of the new chairman of the House education committee. I’ll also be on tomorrow’s front page with what might (?) be a nice exclusive. (Maybe.)
There’s nothing like being in the New York Times to bring old friends out of the woodwork. Hello, old friends! (And Times readers.)