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On the other hand, why wait until tomorrow when the story is posted today? (Notice the annoyingly smirky photo. That’s the look you get on your face when you’ve been smiling and holding a CD in the same position for 45 minutes straight. Sorry.)

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  1. Hey, nice site. I came here from the NYTimes article. I enjoy the idea, and it looks like you have a good mix of musical genres going. Did you ever think about using a P2P network to distribute mixes (Edonkey2000, WinMX etc..)?

  2. My officemate knows that I am in a “mix club” and asked if I had seen the article – I told him not only had I seen it… but that it was the actual mix club I am a proud “member” of! 🙂

  3. I read the first sentence and thought “oh my god, they got his name wrong”…heh. I was very relieved to discover they had not, in fact, screwed up your last name.

  4. hey josh – a master revealed–we finally get to see your cute mug! and on nyt no less.. i wonder how your peers at your day job feel about it all? and i also wonder if traffic from the article will beat out the surge from us daily candy’ers…. congrats 🙂

  5. so let me guess: this ny times article means the club goes from 150 people to 1,500 people. good luck handling the rush, i suppose it could always convert to once-ever-two-months…unless you want to quit your day job and do this cd mix club full time!

  6. This is what I get for not reading my e-mail quickly enough – congrats, I guess, though I bet you’re dreading the hit in bandwidth and the jillions of new members the notoriety will bring – I’m proud to say I was a member when the club was just really popular instead of hugely popular, because it’s swell.

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