turkish funk mix

Fans of adventurous beats should already be subscribed to the Stones Throw podcast, the most delicious mish-mash of hip-hop, funk, and soul available in byte form.
(Recent episodes have included a Madlib mix of ’60s soul 45s, a collection of ’70s funk played by black high school bands, live video of the gods in Madvillain, and hip-hop reimaginings of the work of the guy who wrote Hair.)
Anyway, the current episode taps into my personal zeitgeist — it’s a 30-minute mix (by Egon) of Turkish funk. (Funk from the developing world is a minor obsession of mine. Bordering on major.) It’s awesome — laid-back and chock full of groove, with great sexy horns that sound a lot like Ethiopian jazz to these ears. Go download, friend.
(Apparently, the mix has a lot of Baris Manço in it. More on Anatolian rock here.)