human breeding colonies

Fast facts about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette: “It has a 48-acre New Iberia Research Center in New Iberia, La., which is one of the largest private non-human primate breeding colonies in the world.”
I love the fact the university’s PR staff felt they had to say it’s a non-human breeding colony. Because presumably, if you include human breeding colonies, there are some nightclubs which might technically be larger.

rochester, khrushchev

Of course, interviewing Ross Perot is nowhere near as exciting as drinking beers with residents of Rochester, New York. Particularly when said residents demand a post in their honor on Well, friends, I follow through on promises. This link to a review of a Khrushchev biography — in which we learn he liked to compare his Kremlin colleagues to “dogs peeing on curbstones” — is dedicated entirely and completely to you.

support the troops?

If I could ban one phrase from the American lexicon, it would be: “But I support the troops.” It’s shorthand for “I don’t support this war, but I also don’t want a bunch of Americans to die.” Well, who in this country does want a bunch of Americans to die? (I’m excluding members of any al-Qaeda sleeper cells here.) It’s silly that people feel they have to say it.
The whole reason for the phrase is the idea that in Vietnam, the general public somehow didn’t support the troops — that opposition to that war wasn’t against policies in Washington, but somehow against actual soldiers. The tale this always comes back to involves soldiers getting spit on when they returned home from the front lines.
Too bad it’s not even true.

erica blake’s grandpa

Erica, my ex-coworker in Toledo, has expressed anger that I did not recognize the important role her grandfather had in Raising Arizona. He played the chairman of the parole board — a memorable role.
CHAIRMAN: Well, you done served your twenty munce, and seeing as you never use live ammo, we got no choice but to return you to society.
SECOND MAN: These doors goan swing wide.
HI: I didn’t want to hurt anyone, sir.
SECOND MAN: Hi, we respect that.
CHAIRMAN: But you’re just hurtin’ yourself with this rambunctious behavior.
HI: I know that, sir.
CHAIRMAN: Okay then.

def leppard drummer

Trivia bowl season has started up again, which means I’ll be defending my title from last year. My favorite question from last night: “Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen lost what in 1984?” His arm, of course. His left arm (although I got no bonus points for that telling detail). I had to picture the “Pour Some Sugar On Me” video to figure out the whole left/right thing.
Marybeth Reed’s dream: “I was at a Deaf Leppard [sic] concert with my friend Jenn and everybody was missing an arm but the drummer.”