human breeding colonies

Fast facts about the University of Louisiana at Lafayette: “It has a 48-acre New Iberia Research Center in New Iberia, La., which is one of the largest private non-human primate breeding colonies in the world.”
I love the fact the university’s PR staff felt they had to say it’s a non-human breeding colony. Because presumably, if you include human breeding colonies, there are some nightclubs which might technically be larger.

2 thoughts on “human breeding colonies”

  1. Personally, I was shocked to find out the University of Louisiana’s New Iberia Research Center is located in New Iberia, Louisiana.

  2. Actually, I live in New Iberia, and can tell you that the New Iberia Reseach Center is not in fact located within the city limits of New Iberia. It’s miles away from the nearest boundary line. I think, in fact, that once you get inside the city limits, all the primate breeding is done by humans–some private, but occasionally some not so private.

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