erica blake’s grandpa

Erica, my ex-coworker in Toledo, has expressed anger that I did not recognize the important role her grandfather had in Raising Arizona. He played the chairman of the parole board — a memorable role.
CHAIRMAN: Well, you done served your twenty munce, and seeing as you never use live ammo, we got no choice but to return you to society.
SECOND MAN: These doors goan swing wide.
HI: I didn’t want to hurt anyone, sir.
SECOND MAN: Hi, we respect that.
CHAIRMAN: But you’re just hurtin’ yourself with this rambunctious behavior.
HI: I know that, sir.
CHAIRMAN: Okay then.

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  1. This is just such a GREAT movie. I don’t know what else to say. Everyone should watch this movie at least once a year. Then geek boys wouldn’t go around quoting Monty Python anymore, but would quote great lines from Coen Brothers’ movies. What? Oh, yeah, we already do that… 🙂

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