grusendorf story

What a day. Along with the NYT thing, here’s my story from today’s front page, a somewhat interesting profile of the new chairman of the House education committee. I’ll also be on tomorrow’s front page with what might (?) be a nice exclusive. (Maybe.)
There’s nothing like being in the New York Times to bring old friends out of the woodwork. Hello, old friends! (And Times readers.)

One thought on “grusendorf story”

  1. Joshua, My company sells the NYT over the phone.
    (Not me, I’m a sales analyst.) So anyway I get to read it for free every day, and I’m a mix tape maniac. I’ve been obssesively listening to Sandinista lately, and I noticed you used it recently. My father in law passed away and I was
    working on a Beatles mix for him before that so now it’s going to my mother in law, and so meaningful! A mix tape is definitely a window into a person. I just met Melissa at the door, made her an anti-war mix (Hippie Anthem-Save the Country) for her trip to Colorado… You always hope they’ll get it, right? I’m glad I saw your article today, really cool idea, especially love the irreverent comments with each song.
    Thanks, Jeff Sanchez

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