time retracts

Oops! Time Magazine retracts its earlier story accusing Bush of neo-Confederate tendencies.
“The article “Look Away, Dixieland” [Jan. 27] stated that President George W. Bush ‘quietly reinstated’ a tradition of having the White House deliver a floral wreath to the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery

poor clio plug

If I haven’t before, please allow me to recommend my friend James’ Poor Clio blog for your bloggish needs.
“I’m thinking of proposing a new reality show: Joe Puts-The-Lid-Down. Or how about Joe Really Actually Very Nice and Considerate. Or Joe Who Likes Chick Flicks. All with the same punch line, of course: We Lied.”


From: comments@braums.com
To: me
Subject: Re: Your Comments to Braum’s
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 13:21:53 -0600
Dear Josh,
Thank you for your email requesting information on Braum’s menu items. At the present time we do not have the calorie specifications available on menu items, including the Double Dip Hot Caramel Sundae you asked about. They have never been analyzed. Once again thank you for your interest in Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores.
[name withheld]
Customer Service


Just mistyped the URL for Guidelive.com, the Dallas-area entertainment site. Strangely, there’s no web site at www.guidelice.com. Shouldn’t there be? Wouldn’t we all like a few guide lice in our lives, showing us the way, helping us navigate through life’s difficult moments? They could have tiny little leashes. It would be so cute.
There is a headlice.org, though, should you need the latest lice information.

abercrombie calls me cool

An earnest welcome to all the naked, horny prep school students arriving here from the Abercrombie and Fitch site. The powers that be at A&F have deemed crabwalk.com a “Cool Site.” I’ll take all the validation I can get, even from, well, Abercrombie and Fitch.
I own a grand total of one Abercrombie clothing item, a six-year-old pea coat. Fortunately, I’m a smaller person now than I was then, so it no longer fits. But a good, solid pea coat.