txcn and cheap date

FYI, I’ll be on TXCN live this afternoon at 4:20, then looping on tape throughout the evening.
Perhaps I’ll be loopy on something else entirely by then.
Emergency request: I’m supposed to go on a Cheap Date tonight. (For new readers: I write an occasional column for my employer detailing a night on the town that, for two people, costs less than 30 bucks.) But I’ve been too busy to plan. Anyone have any good ideas for a Dallas Cheap Date?

4 thoughts on “txcn and cheap date”

  1. okay, this could be a GREAT idea or a really, really bad one, depending on what you and your date are into, but at least it’s different (and oh-so-very cheap): Try open-mic poetry night on Tuesdays at Insomnia in Deep Ellum. Girls dig poets, dontcha know?

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