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I’ve been kicking the tires on Jaguar the last few days, and I’m impressed. Maybe not $129 impressed, but impressed nonetheless. The OS is more responsive and the polish is impressive — the Finder in 10.1.5 always seemed a couple clicks off. And of course, the stability’s still rock solid. That said, here are my only three complaints:
– Disabling command-tab for app switching, which LiteSwitch X handled much more logically than the OS did. Now command-tab can’t be taken away from the OS, and I’m stuck option-tabbing through apps.
– My cheapo laser printer doesn’t work anymore. Samsung says they’re working on a new driver. Perhaps they’re too busy with other tasks.
– My broadband connection now drops every time I put the ‘puter to sleep. I can’t figure out anyway to get it back other than restarting. Which is no fun at all, since the ease of low-power sleep in OS X was perhaps my favorite feature of the system.
Anyone with suggestions on fixing one or more of these problems should email me, yo.

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  1. Note to the terminally bored: I fixed the printer through an old device driver from pre-10.1.5. But the broadband problem still looms large…

  2. Josh,
    We met once in Lafayette for dinner with my friend Calvin Trillin, when you were about to go to Yale. Since then, we’ve had a couple of e-mail contacts over blog matters.
    About the broadband drop… what model Mac is it? What is the connection? (i.e., iBook w/AirPort card, etc. etc.).
    I don’t have the answer for you on this but I will be digging around various sources for it since I will not want to install Jaguar until this is solved… as you pointed out, one of the nicest things about the OS X is the ability to come back from sleep. I use iBook, and to just open the lid and be there on the net is fantastic. More fantastic, I think, than anything about Jaguar!
    Hope all else is well. I enjoy dropping into your blog from time to time. Though not enough, nothing is ever enough…
    James Edmunds

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