sea ray interview, greg on green lantern

Something called The Wood has posted a group interview with the members of Sea Ray, NYC’s next hot band du jour. As I’ve mentioned before, I went to college with Greg and I-Huei from the band, and this interview is classic Greg.
He’s completely silent on band-related matters, until this question is posed to the group:
Who would win in a fight, Batman or The Green Lantern?
I-Huei: Peter Katis, who is helping us record some songs, could beat them both, at the same time, with his mind.
Jordan: You

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  1. Greg is right though. There’s even a whole storyline in the comic books detailing how Batman devised plots on how to subdue all of his fellow Justice League teammates, including Superman, the Flash, and others. A really good read. Read it for the ending alone. That series has been collected in a tradepaperback called JLA: Tower of Babel. Duh.
    (This is the part where you say, “What a fucking GEEK!” And then I ask, “Can you say fuck?” To which you reply, “In this case, ‘fucking’ explains just how geeky you are, so, yes, I can.” To which i would answer, “Oh. Fuck.”) Okay. I’ll shut up now.

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