easy rider, luna at ridglea

Obligatory weekend wrapup: Hung out with old Toledo pal Iggy, who was in town for a couple days. Watched a couple movies: The Wild Bunch (lots of blood, that) and Easy Rider. The ending seemed a touch heavy-handed, but then again, Dennis Hopper seems hard-wired to be heavy-handed, bless him.
If you want to follow Captain America’s path in the movie, others have made it easy for you. May I suggest a stop in Morganza, Louisiana, site of the film’s first moment of brutality? I’m sure its real-life residents aren’t nearly as nasty as its cinematic ones.
Easy Rider trivia: Did you know the great Seymour Cassel was a camera tech on the film’s New Orleans scenes? Or that he did time for conspiracy to sell coke? (Wesandersonphiles know Cassel as Bert Fischer, Max’s dad in Rushmore.)
And, on Saturday, saw Luna at the Ridglea in Fort Worth. Seeing a Luna show is always risky, if only because bassist Britta Phillips could at any moment explode in a display of raw sexual energy. Geezumpete, she’s a looker. The ostensibly heterosexual woman standing next to me was just about ready to switch teams.
That said, what a tiny band! I’d be surprised if any of Britta, Dean, and the new keyboard player broke a buck-ten. Wee little people.
By the way, Lunaphiles, new EP coming out Oct. 8. So-so advance MP3 here.

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  1. it’s odd that you watched easy rider this week. my film class paper analyzing it is due this thursday. i’ve been working on it all night.

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