nashville, ipod, edgar, and dead tupac

Wouldn’t want you folks to think I was being less than attentive to my crabwalk obligations. Just got in last night from Nashville, where I got to learn far too much about federal education reform and got to see Anthony, my old high school bud. This is the second time in two years I’ve seen Anthony in Nashville, and each time his wife was “out of town.” You’re not fooling me, man — she’s fictional, I know it.
Also took advantage of having HBO in the hotel room to watch The Sopranos. I saw nothing to convince me to change my prior opinion: a perfectly good show, but not the television deity some would have us believe.
One other thing: my iPod may be the most perfectly designed consumer good since the egg. There’s no better way to generate instant jealousy at an airport.
Met with my Little Brother today for the first time in a few months. (We’re only supposed to meet during the school year.) He ended up not getting enough credits to be promoted to 10th grade, so he’s a freshman again. (Almost one in five Texas high school freshmen take more than a year to become sophomores.) I’m looking forward to hearing his latest theories on how Tupac’s really not dead and is waiting on a Caribbean island for his eventual return.

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  1. I’m telling you, you just have to watch The Sopranos from the beginning. And to be fair, the first episode was setting up the whole season and wasn’t all that exciting. It’s the best show on television, I tell you. So start raving about it or I’ll send someone to break your kneecaps!

  2. Well the iPod could be more convenient to hold in your hand. I realize the rectangular frame makes it convenient for pockets and leather accessories, but I hold it in my hand a lot.
    Couldn’t they make one with an hour glass figure?

  3. Oh and who needs The Sopranos when they can watch The Wire? I got HBO last spring because I wanted to watch some Six Feet Under. However, The Wire has become my HBO poison of choice.

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