management appraisal conversation

Your manager is not the only one responsible for your appraisal. An appraisal is a two-way street. A good appraisal is the result of a partnership between you and your manager. It is a chance to make sure that you are aligned on your goals, job expectations and performance standards.
Example: How to receive feedback.
Janet: Sue, I overheard you yesterday talking to one of your internal customers and that attitude has got to stop.
Sue: Janet, I don’t know what you are talking about.
Janet: You were talking to Mary in credit and you really talked down to her.
Sue: Well, she is stupid.
STOP! How might Sue have responded?
Sue: Janet, help me understand. What did I say that was a problem?
Janet: I believe you told someone that you didn’t have time for them.
Sue: So, you felt that I didn’t treat her with respect?
Janet: Exactly. We just can’t treat our internal customers that way. Respect is one of our corporate values.
Sue: Janet, you know I guess you are right. I was just so frustrated with her for losing one of our checks. I will call and apologize and really try to watch how I talk to people. I didn’t mean to be rude.

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