a grand, grand day

This has the makings of a grand day. I just convinced my apartment building to give me $200 to go toward my car break-in repair fund. We had a rockin’ storm this morning, the sort of summer tempest I miss from my days in south Louisiana. I just found out I’ll get the vacation time I asked for at Christmas. If Airborne Express‘ tracking system is correct, I have an iPod waiting for me at home. That’ll be just in time for my weekend jaunt to Nashville. And tonight I get to play Whirlyball, whatever the hell that is. A grand day, I tell you.

two stories in today’s paper

For those of you who wonder if I ever do any work, I’ve got two — count ’em, two — stories in today’s paper. On the front page, a piece on rural schools switching to a four-day school week, and on the Metro front page, a piece on a test run of the state’s new standardized test.
Alas, on that second story, The Powers That Be ended up taking out the third paragraph of the faux-movie-promo lead: You’ll never look at a No. 2 pencil the same way again.

saints 2-0

Tom has rightfully reprimanded me for not mentioning the 2-0 start of the New Orleans Saints. And this ain’t no soft 2-0 — an OT road win over hated Tampa Bay and a 35-20 win over Super Bowl contendahs Green Bay. (That victory was particularly sweet, since it meant Packerhead Kelly lost a bet and now owes me the CD of my choice.)
Perhaps best of all, the Saints have turned into a hella fun team — sort of like the pass-happy, big play bunch the Rams were a couple years ago. Deuce McAllister‘s always breaking big runs (like a 50-yarder and a 62-yarder last week), the receivers are downfield burners, and Aaron Brooks is looking sharp. Not the old grind-it-out offense they ran last year.
They play a tough Bears team next week, but they could pull it out. Who day say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat?

crabwalk’s back, lots of movies

My server’s fixed, or at least something approaching fixed. Let the banal crabwalk.com goodness return!
Here’s my cheese sandwich post of the day: Saw a bunch of movies over the weekend. American Graffiti (that Cindy Williams sure was a cutie), Lawrence of Arabia (a remarkable amount of gay subtext for a mainstream 1962 movie), A Streetcar Named Desire (apparently Marlon Brando was not fat at some point), and, last night on IMAX, Apollo 13.

car broken into

To the fine young gentleman who smashed my car window, stole my CD player, then — as a coup de grace — randomly poured a bottle of Coke all over my back seat: thanks, asshole!
A special bonus thank you for prying open the (non-functioning) air conditioning vents. I wasn’t aware that either (a) air conditioning vents were so valuable on the black market or (b) the quickest way to the CD player was through the AC.