daily candy links to me

A hearty welcome for the frighteningly large number of people finding this web site via Daily Candy. (To give you an idea how big the traffic flow is, the CD Mix of the Month Club has been the MSN Site of the Day twice — and as of 9 a.m. this morning, I’d already gotten more hits from Daily Candy than I ever did from MSN.)
Longtime crabwalk.com readers curious what I look like may also be interested in following that link.

12 thoughts on “daily candy links to me”

  1. hey ho traveller. i’m one of those daily candy subscribers and i’m so glad they covered you.. great site 🙂
    i wanted to suggest a streaming webstation for ya, if you don’t already know : KEXP
    take care,

  2. This part of the write-up is particularly dead-on: “In short, it’s like having a new friend, but without all that boring talking and hanging out.”
    Nice photo!

  3. I am also a Daily Candy guru! would LOVE to be part of this club. My friends and i also have a music club, where we buy tons of funky new music, and trade.. it opens my ears to new stuff.. i’ve got everything from Jazz, to funk, to R&B… so i can’t wait to see what everyone else has…

  4. yes, i’m another daily candy gal too, and i must say i rarely visit the sites that daily candy promote but this looked too neat to let go by without taking a look.

  5. ugh, sorry to comment again — screwed up my url above (just in case anyone wanted to look @ my sad little site). typical scatterbrained activity. (:

  6. Hey, I just sent in my CDs, and I was going come here to suggest a great streaming station I listen to, KEXP, but someone beat me to it. Everything they play is great, but John Richards’ weekday morning show is my favorite . It’s archived now so you can “time shift” your listening if you like.
    You can tune into KEXP at http://www.kexp.org/

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