tons of hits

If anyone doubts the power of the Daily Candy machine, I got 17,885 hits yesterday. Jesus H. Christ! (Coincidentally, I was also taunted 17,885 times for the picture they used, taken last month in a suburban Toledo bathroom.)
I also had 250+ people sign up for the CD Mix of the Month Club. I’m accepting all offers of CD burning assistance.
Now I suppose there’s some pressure to post something interesting here for a change so my new visitors stay interested. Am I up to the task? Will I fall flat on my face with one too many boring Malcolm Gladwell posts? Will I rally with more classic M&M vote fraud investigative journalism? Only time will tell.

7 thoughts on “tons of hits”

  1. hey joshua – don’t despair! i just bought a hundred dollars’ worth of CD supplies (a bit pricey, but so damn cool : and i’m intent on sending my discs out — with some bills attached!
    perhaps you can start posting your mix on the site and just swap cd’s btwn the club members? i guess that defeats the whole point, huh.. o well.

  2. Hello all!
    I’m a daily candy girl all the way. I print out about three e-mails a week and have a hard time catching up to all the great buys, great eats, great deals (partly financial part time) but yesterday I stopped what I was doing and got right on burning my CD from July (I do 2 a month). So I sent off the CD’s this morning. I’ve been making mixes for over 10 years off and on. I just hope that Josh is going to be able to keep up! And let’s put a few bucks in the pot to help him.

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