eye close to passing rayne

All hell’s breaking loose in Rayne. They’re still a few minutes from the eye passing over, which means they’re getting the really nasty winds in the inner wall right now. The big tree across the street from my house was just uprooted and smashed into a car. The tin roof on the house next door is close to coming off. Local TV’s reporting four tornadoes within five miles of the house. Mazie’s scared, which isn’t easy to do. My mom’s car’s evidently had some stray tin sheets slam into it. Damn, I wish we had home insurance.
As of 12 p.m., Rayne’s directly at the center of the storm.

hurricane lili keeps kicking ass

10 a.m. update: The electricity cut out about an hour ago at my grandmother‘s house. This is most troubling because that means her oxygen machine can’t run, and she’s only got about a day’s worth of gas in her portable unit. Hopefully this’ll all be over by then.
Lili’s headed straight for Rayne. The eye’s expected to go over my childhood home in about another hour. Thankfully, the storm’s been downgraded to a Category 2, which isn’t quite so bad-ass. And Rayne’s far enough inland that flooding shouldn’t be too bad. Still, she reports there are already tree limbs breaking off all around her, and she’s heard about five electrical transformers explode so far this morning. Damn you, Lili, damn you!