pim fortuyn’s killer

Wow. The Dutch sure have a different conception of justice than we Americans do. Seriously, you assassinate your nation’s leading candidate for prime minister — and you get 12 years in prison? Can you possibly imagine someone killing an American presidential candidate and walking free 12 years later?
“The panel of three judges…were not imposing a life sentence, they said, because they had been persuaded that Mr. van der Graaf was not likely to repeat his crime.” I suppose it’s the second political assassination that really shows you’re a bad guy.

tuition story

Here’s my story from today’s paper, on the Texas Legislature vote to boost college tuition up to 22 percent.
Also, I just taped another appearance on TXCN — it should run Friday and repeat through the weekend, promoting a story that’ll be on Monday’s front page.
I’m leaving in a few hours for Louisiana and a four-day weekend. May your rocks continue to roll in my absence.

all my children

Just the other day I was wondering: What is the single, unifying theme behind the hit ABC daytime drama All My Children? Thank heavens, now I know!
“The theme of ‘All My Children’ from the beginning is the belief that, as God’s children, we are all bound to each other by our common humanity despite our many personal differences; that it is our failure to understand and respect those differences that causes most of life’s pain and suffering.”
So it’s not about hot lesbian action?

heywood jablome

My guess is that James Scott of the Charleston Post and Courier is being mercilessly taunted at work today. In his story on the Masters protests, he writes:
“Throughout the morning, law enforcement officers stood on the perimeter of the five-acre field. At no point did the protest turn violent, though officers escorted Heywood Jablome away after he held up a sign directly in front of Burk that read “Make me dinner” before shouting ‘Oprah rules.'”