erin mckean in wsj

Careful readers of the Wall Street Journal — a demographic that almost completely overlaps with readership, I might add — saw this story about linguistic shifts in the meaning of “Shut up!”
Particularly careful readers may have noticed the second person quoted is one Erin McKean.
But only I would be in position to know Ms. McKean is, in fact, the same Erin McKean who was until its demise an active trader in the CD Mix of the Month Club. You never know what celebrity CD you’re going to get in the mail!
As the kids might say, mad props to her. Next thing you know, she’ll have morphed into the next Robert Thompson.

joe pernice on books

Should-be rock star Joe Pernice (of the Pernice Brothers) on being offered a book deal:
Well, I was certainly intrigued. Even a little flattered. But to be honest, I had suffered through my share of paper writing in graduate school and had spent my last drop of critical juice back in 1997. By the time I finished my graduate degree, I was so burned-out on paper writing that I actually convinced an unsuspecting professor who was a distant fan of my first two records to let me write a ten page paper (my last) on postmodernism IN MY OWN MUSIC! Give me a break. I don’t know who deserves the bigger throttling for that one. Probably me.
By the way, you should buy Joe’s new album, due out on May 20. The two previous albums are also gems.