2004 travel plan

I know what you’re all thinking. “Josh,” you’re thinking, “when will I get to see you this year and thus make my 2004 complete?”
To assist your life planning, I present a sketchy plan of my travels for the upcoming year:
– March 12-16: SXSW in Austin.
– March 27: Wedding in Austin.
– April 15-17: Education Writers Association meeting in San Francisco.
– Sometime this spring: Seattle.
– Sometime this spring/early summer: The crabwalk.com Northern Tier Listening Tour 2004. Like its 2002 precursor (Boston/Cooperstown/Rochester/Toronto/Toledo), the tour will feature me driving a rental car across America’s northeast and visiting you, The Reader. Almost certain to be stops: New York, New Haven, Pittsburgh, Toledo. Could very well be stops, depending on timing etc.: Boston, Toronto, D.C., Illadelphia, Chicago.
– June 27: Half-marathon in Vancouver.
– Summer: Four weeks in Argentina or Mexico.
– August: Congres Mondial Acadien in Nova Scotia.
– Fall: A stretch in Mexico.
Along with the usual assortment of stints in south Louisiana and random work-related travels around Texas. Plan your lives accordingly.

6 thoughts on “2004 travel plan”

  1. I’ll miss you in Toledo this year… but if you ever want to see Maine, I can play hostess. Or we can try to meet up in Boston.
    I’m moving back to New England! w00t!

  2. If you do make it to Chicago, drop me an email. I promise not to marvel at how tall you are in person …

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