2004 travel plan

I know what you’re all thinking. “Josh,” you’re thinking, “when will I get to see you this year and thus make my 2004 complete?”
To assist your life planning, I present a sketchy plan of my travels for the upcoming year:
– March 12-16: SXSW in Austin.
– March 27: Wedding in Austin.
– April 15-17: Education Writers Association meeting in San Francisco.
– Sometime this spring: Seattle.
– Sometime this spring/early summer: The crabwalk.com Northern Tier Listening Tour 2004. Like its 2002 precursor (Boston/Cooperstown/Rochester/Toronto/Toledo), the tour will feature me driving a rental car across America’s northeast and visiting you, The Reader. Almost certain to be stops: New York, New Haven, Pittsburgh, Toledo. Could very well be stops, depending on timing etc.: Boston, Toronto, D.C., Illadelphia, Chicago.
– June 27: Half-marathon in Vancouver.
– Summer: Four weeks in Argentina or Mexico.
– August: Congres Mondial Acadien in Nova Scotia.
– Fall: A stretch in Mexico.
Along with the usual assortment of stints in south Louisiana and random work-related travels around Texas. Plan your lives accordingly.

6 thoughts on “2004 travel plan”

  1. I’ll miss you in Toledo this year… but if you ever want to see Maine, I can play hostess. Or we can try to meet up in Boston.
    I’m moving back to New England! w00t!

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