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Interesting piece on the battles between the Washington Post and the Washington Redskins. But my real interest is in these two facts the piece reveals:
– The official spokesperson for the Redskins is based in Los Angeles.
– Sally Jenkins, one of the Post’s sports columnists, is based in New York.
So if the Washington Post’s sports columnists wants an official comment from the Washington Redskins, she calls a guy in California from Manhattan.
I’m trying to think of what the local equivalent would be: The Dallas Morning News’ top sports columnist being based in Miami and the Cowboys’ chief spokesman being based in Seattle, I guess.
While you’re contemplating that one, here’s an MP3 of Clem Snide segueing from “Moment in the Sun” to a cover of the Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

john mack faragher q&a

Matt points out a Salon review/author Q&A with John Mack Faragher, author of that history of the Acadian expulsion I’ve written about here. It’s mostly good, although it’s downright amusing how Salon, in its inimitable way, tries to turn everything into an attack on George W. Bush.
“Q: In your account, the Acadians were repeatedly blamed for events they had nothing to do with, or could not control. Indians attack settler villages in Maine or Massachusetts, and Puritan preachers stir up hatred against the “neutral French” because they’re seen as sinister figures, possibly in cahoots with the Indians. You don’t want to look into the past and see the present, but I don’t know: the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, the Gulf of Tonkin, the spurious connection between al-Qaida and Saddam. Is this a pattern in American history?”
Or this classic gratuitous slap:
“Q: When you describe, very powerfully and painfully, how the expulsion of the Acadians was actually carried out, you write that this was one of the most horrific episodes in American history. That’s a startling statement, isn’t it? We’re talking about a continent that had slavery for more than 200 years, and a continent where the native peoples were more or less wiped out. I mean, there’s a high bar to get over here, in terms of horrific episodes.

gene kelly, clogs

Hey, readers! Anyone going to SXSW next week? I’ll be down from Friday evening to Tuesday noonish. If you’re a crabwalk.com reader and we haven’t met, first beer’s on me.
Gene Kelly loves himself some pop-lockin’ beats.
Now that Sea Ray has played its final show, there is an opening for Best Band Whose Members Josh Lived Down The Hall From In College. Clogs may fill that void. (Particularly since their new album is also released on the Best Label Whose Founder’s Album Reviews I Used To Edit At The College Paper.)