saintsdoggle, wh and testing stories

Saintsdoggle, a blog devoted to the bizarre relocation lust of New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson. Who dat say dey gonna move dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat?
Here’s my story from today’s front page, on what may be the impending demise of the Wilmer-Hutchins school district, the folks I’ve been writing about for ever.
I’ve been bad about linking to my stories lately — an oversight that has surely led to riots in the streets. For instance, here’s my story from the June 9 front page, on surprisingly poor results on the state TAKS test for fifth graders.
There could be big news coming soon from HQ. Then again, there might not. (Vague enough?)
I’m off to Louisiana for the weekend. Catch you on the flip side.

mooning amtrak, making root beer, salmon

I expect all my SoCal readers to head to the O.C. next month and moon passing Amtrak trains.
How to make your own root beer. Notice the importance of using Louisiana products. (While you’re shopping for Zatarain’s foodstuffs, their creole mustard is damned good, and their crab boil ain’t bad, either.)
Friend-of-Crabwalk Teresa exposes the Copper-River-salmon backlash.

health care rock

Back-door method to get me to like your band: Have at least one song about structural problems of the American health care system.
It worked for Ted Leo (“Heart Problems“): “You got a problem with your heart / Follow the line down your left arm / If there

sufjan illinois available now

The new Sufjan Stevens album won’t officially be out until July 5, but you can get it shipped to you today if you order it direct from the label.
And it’s $10! Best $10 you’ll spend today, I warrant. This’ll be on many Album of the Year lists come December.
(And, for only $7 more, you can add this so-ugly-it-approaches-a-sort-of-beauty poster.)
MP3s: Casimir Pulaski Day, gorgeous and sad; The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts, an ode to Superman that’s as close as Sufjan gets to rocking out; John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (“And in my best behavior / I am really just like him / Look beneath the floor boards / For the secrets I have hid”). Full album lyrics here (end of page).

big in australia

I’ve now had two Australians write to inform me that this site — this very web site, — was somehow part of the Australian General Achievement Test this year.
I’m still awaiting details, but I imagine that something here was used as a reading passage in the test. Judging by last year’s test, they don’t mind taking cues from pop culture. (“Question 20. Homer makes Bart donate blood: (A) as a moral act, (B) to get a reward, (C) to discipline Bart, (D) to create a warm moment.”)
I cannot tell you how unspeakably cool this is.