sun sensititivity

Argh…I feel all woozy. I’ve been taking malaria pills for the last 10 weeks (I went to a malarial part of China on vacation a couple of months ago, and you have to keep taking the drugs long after you get back). Larium, the drug, has one nasty side effect: extreme sun sensitivity. So playing football this morning out in the sun for three hours made me feel like I’d been out baking for a whole day.
(The only plus: I got an actual tan in China, for the first time in my life.)
The worse thing: I took a shower after football, then hopped in bed for a nap, which has made my hair look as Flock-of-Seagulls-esque as the bassist for The Faint (see below). We’ll see if that can be contained before tonight’s festivities.
(By the way, while searching for a photo of The Faint’s bassist in full Seagulls regalia, I found this exciting piece of news: Goats Faint When Frightened. “According to the American Tennessee Fainting Goat Association [real link, really], the goats were orginally used to protect sheep. If the sheep was threatened, the goat would fall over providing the predator with a meal as a distraction.” For too long, the story of the Tennessee Fainting Goat has gone untold in our culture.)

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