cut off my feet

Meet Paul Morgan. “Prepare yourself for an adventure like you have never before experienced,” says his web site. “In an unprecedented event… LIVE via webcam access… you can watch me amputate my legs with a homemade guillotine on November 30th!” (You may have seen this story before; we ran it in the DMN some months ago.)
Morgan has no feeling in his feet as a result of a childhood accident. And he can’t afford prosthetic feet. So he’s offering to chop them off — live and uncut! — if it’ll raise money for his surgery. (It’ll cost $20 to watch; while his web site hasn’t been updated, he’s postponed the event to Jan. 5.)
Favorite lines from his web page: “Now you may be wondering what kind of demented website you have found. People read the words AMPUTATE and GUILLOTINE and automatically freak. What I am doing may be a little untraditional but that doesn’t mean this is some kind of freak show.” Um, okay.