dallasnews.com makeover

It’s a new look for my employer’s web site. Critiques? I’m mixed: I think the bolder type on the front isn’t bad (if a little too MSNBC, down to the typeface), but the color scheme makes grey a little too dominant, and the yellow story boxes beneath the main header (and all over pages like this) look a little amateurish. Actually, that yellow looks awful in bulk, sort of jaundicey. And there are uneven-white-space-around-text-box issues all over the site.
Okay, maybe my feelings aren’t all that mixed at all, but really, it’s not so bad. (Anyway, TXCN needs a facelift much more than dallasnews.com or wfaa.com did.)

3 thoughts on “dallasnews.com makeover”

  1. Well, I had to turn Java off just to get it to load. Must be an offending ad somewhere…the problem’s on my end, though, so I’ll have to fix it. Kind of ticks me off, though, since the site had always loaded fine in the past.
    As for the design, I hate it. Really. The old design was visually appealing and easy to navigate. The new design is far too cluttered, with too many things crammed into a tiny space. Sorry, but newspaper websites should be heavy on content and effective layout, not pretty graphics. After all, it IS a newspaper!

  2. Grows on you. I don’t like the font. It’s more of an improvement for the WFAA site than Dallas News. I always liked the look and layout of the old Dallasnews site. Organized just like a paper.
    I’m guessing that all the sites will move to that format. I know KING looks like that. Fave Belo site has to be KTVB. You don’t expect that for Boise.

  3. Wow. That’s an incredibly busy site. My eyes first rest (if you can call it “resting”) on the headliner pic (of GWB, today)… then roll over to the white headline space to the right… then down the right ad column. As for the yellow boxes, I can’t even stand to look in them… something weird going on with those colors that make it very uncomfortable to look at.
    Aside from the sensory assault, it looks like it was expensive… which is a shame, because I can’t stand it.

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