look little and jewish, not like a viking

Now it can be told: the correct answer to the little quiz a few days ago was, “I thought you’d look little and Jewish, not like a Viking.” No comment.
Back in Dallas. Did I mention I brushed up against Katarina Witt Sunday night? I brushed up against Katarina Witt Sunday night.

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  1. She came into the restaurant a few of us were at after the closing ceremony. It was crowded. She had to get to her table (obviously, there was no waiting half an hour for Katarina Witt), so she had to get past me.
    Then we went back to my hotel and made passionate love all night. Okay, maybe not.

  2. So, how well did you get to know this fellow for him to determine you looked more Viking than Jewish? I could be disturbed by the stereotyping, or not.

  3. The little and Jewish impression came from just reading the site. The Viking impression came from seeing me in the flesh the first time.
    So if you like the site, I suppose you should be flattered I mistaken for a member of your tribe. 🙂 I do, however, think all Vikings should feel deeply insulted.

  4. It was the seeing you in the flesh part I was wondering about. There’s only one assured delineation between the Vikings and the Jews, and i hope you two got to be very good friends before he could comment on that.

  5. My word… (roflol)
    That’s _not_ the difference that I was noting.
    No… for some reason or another I pictured Josh as 5’10” – ish, with ccurly chestnut hair, and light olive skin. Which is funny, because I’ve seen a photo of him… but it was shut out by this apparition I had in my head.
    When I saw him: scruffy, 6’2″, blonde, and corn-fed, the first thing that came to mind was “My word! he looks like a Viking!”
    So there.
    It had nothing to do with _anything_ else.
    (We were in public, for crying out loud!)
    : )
    I’m just glad he didn’t articulate his own first impressions.
    I don’t think I could have handled the news.

  6. Well, from my perspective down here at 5’7″ (and add an inch for the big hair), I think 6’2″ was a pretty fair guess.
    : )

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