kim weekend recap, offer to answer questions, burrito defense

Jesus Christ, it gets hot in my apartment when its 90 degrees outside and I turn off my AC all day. Jesus Christ!
My friend Kim from Rochester has been visiting for the last few days, so please excuse the lack of posts. Some highlights of the weekend: a rare Rangers victory, a quick trip to Austin, my nineteenth visit to the Sixth Floor Museum, watching the unreasonably praised movie Croupier, and the ass-whoopin’ Kim put on me in darts in a Fort Worth bar.
And Kim has even offered to provide a service to long-time readers. “Do you have questions about Josh’s apartment and/or lifestyle? Would you like them answered by a first-hand observer?” Leave your questions in the comments, and Kim will get right back to you all with the answers you’ve been dying to hear.
(One final note: I’m hoping Kim will post a stirring defense of the burritos at Chipotle, which were so unfairly maligned in this space not long ago. To quote Kim earlier this weekend: “This is really good!”)

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  1. I’m so glad you asked!
    1. Yeah, not all the time, but quite a bit. He doesn’t sing along with the radio, but with the CDs you’ve all seen him write about here.
    2. Twice. And he does a pretty thorough job, walking around with the toothbrush for nearly five minutes.
    3. I think so, though I couldn’t be positive. I hear the water running each time, so that’s a pretty good indication, I think.
    Keep the questions coming. And here’s a quiz: How many toothbrushes does Josh keep on display in the bathroom? (Another indicator of his good hygiene.)

  2. I saw Croupier twice in the theater and once on DVD. Both times in the theather impressed me. The time I saw it on DVD was less than impressive. I think it suffers on the small screen. Some of those shots inside the casino are not as cool on DVD.
    It’s a pretty good movie, but it sounds like your expectations were inflated. If you see it again it will probably be better.
    Also, Clive Owen would make a total kick ass James Bond.

  3. Nope. The answer is four – one for each spot in the toothbrush holder. Visitors are on their own. And, Christy, you’re right on about the OCD. The proof is in the toothpaste. (Not a speck of stray Crest to be found, and the tube is folded perfectly to section off the used from the unused. Yikes.) Josh: I don’t think any born and “bread” Northeasterner can give a valid, stirring defense of your burrito love. But my chicken burrito was very, very good, albeit very, very messy.

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