chanda and kournikova win in doubles

No singles play for Chanda today, but she did get to do something millions of semi-literate FHM droolers would kill for: spend 53 minutes alongside Anna Kournikova. Their doubles team whooped up on some Spaniards, 6-1, 6-1. (Aside: anyone have any theories of why Anna Kournikova has been singled out to be the media-designated sex goddess of women’s sports? To my mind, there are plenty of at-least-as-worthy candidates, some of whom are actually good at the sports they play. Give me Mia Hamm anyday. Hell, Daniela Hantuchova.)

3 thoughts on “chanda and kournikova win in doubles”

  1. Thank you; Mia Hamm and scores of other athletes are better at their game and better looking than Anna, I think. I’ve always wondered what the big deal was.

  2. Wow, do we ever have the same tastes in women! I was just drooling over Daniela Hantuchova a few days ago. She’s like 6’1″ or something, too…

  3. Why Anna? Because if there’s anything the press hates doing, it’s admitting they fucked up. They had her picked from Day One and they’ll keep hanging on until she retires… assuming one can call an 0-for-481 record a retirement.

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