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It’s that rarest of days: I had a story in today’s paper. Being an education reporter in the summer reminds me of Osama bin Laden: no class.
The story may be the wonkiest thing I’ve ever written, about why education research sucks so damned hard. (Well, I phrase it differently in the article.)

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  1. It really irks me when people say that New Math didn’t work. I was taught new math when I was going to school, and was doing fine, developing some pretty advanced concepts right up until I moved to a school district that didn’t have it. Memorization by rote destroyed my will to live in any math class I then took. It was discontinued because the parents of the students got pissed off that they couldn’t understand their children’s homework, not because it was so awful a way to learn math.

  2. Well, different people will tell you different things about how well New Math worked. (As is the case with the other great left-vs.-right curriculum debate, whole language reading instruction vs. phonics.) But it is fair to say, I think, that it was adopted in a low of places without a lot of research into its effectiveness before hand. (Of course, to get that research done, you have to test it out — in schools. It’s a vicious cycle…)

  3. I’ll probably fail my “New Teachers Teaching Writing” class cuz I just quoted your article instead of writing some pleasant reaction to an assigned “research-based best practices” article. Or maybe I’ll fail for using “cuz.”

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