hour difference

My computer got upgraded (?) to Win2000 last week. It was uneventful, except for the system clock, which was strangely pushed forward an hour. When it was noon, my clock told me it was 1:00. If I tried to change it, the fascist control mechanisms of our IT department told me I didn’t have “the proper privilege level” to adjust the clock. How uppity of me.
The time zone change played well into fantasies I was New York bureau chief for some global news megalith. It also led me to mistakenly (really!) leave an hour early one day last week.
The techs fixed it last night. Damn.

2 thoughts on “hour difference”

  1. Hey– speaking of upgrades… was that a digital camera I saw you use to take many many photos of one curly-headed friend of mine? And if so, are you going to put them up on the site? Or at least email the cute ones to us?
    Glad you invited us. And glad you invited Erica. She’s a keeper. Thanks for a fun night 😉
    Oh, and is it unethical to link to a yoga studio as my URL? Just trying to get some customers, man… plus, Kurt gets all excited when he sees a bunch of hits on the website.
    Starting to think I should have emailed this to you.

  2. Why do companies (like yours) want a nazi-like control of their computers? It’s just a computer. Man, at least let your users change the darn time and date!

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