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Two comments I’ve gotten on the CD Mix of the Month October mix in the last 24 hours:
Calexico and Spoon in one CD? I think I love you.
I was a virgin until last night…and unlike the time I really lost my virginity, this was FREAKING AWESOME…I wanted to stand up on my couch and raise my hands in victory.

I should have started the club a loooong time ago. Women haven’t liked me this much since I was a wee lad. (I was cute until about 18 months.)
In music news: the new Pavement reissue is absolutely aces, the new Richard Buckner sounds very good so far, the new Hot Hot Heat sounds entertaining if an inch deep, and I no longer have to feel so bad about not owning a single Belle and Sebastian album.
One final observation from tonight’s CD purchasing run: I love homegrown indie record stores as much as the next wannabe, but Jesus Christ, could someone tell the staff to bathe? It being Halloween, tonight’s Sweaty Counter Hipster was dressed in a big, run-down bear costume. I couldn’t tell if the odor was coming from his corpus or the Eisenhower-era “fur” draping his estimable flanks. It almost made me want to trade in my worn indie cred for some Rod Stewart, a little Bartles & Jaymes, and ventilation.

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  1. So, you go out and buy my least favorite B&S CD. Next time I see you, you’ll have to be properly chastised.
    And the ex-Soul Coughing singer track off the mix? Fabulous fabulous fabulous. (I can’t recall his name right now. I suck.)

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