lie-berry and warshington

In today’s episode of People Who Should Be Muzzled: Any adult who pronounces the word library “lie-berry.”
In particular, this applies to people who work in a library, and thus repeat the word dozens of times per day.
Honorable mention goes to people who pronounce our nation’s capital as “Warshington.”

14 thoughts on “lie-berry and warshington”

  1. 1. I couldn’t agree with you more on the lie-berry thing. Another one of my personal favorites is ‘axed’ for ‘asked.’
    2. Not that I necessarily *agree* with the use of the word ‘Warshington’ because it is annoying as all hell, but people that grow up in the northwest actually *learn* to say it that way. Sort of like the way the Canadians learn to say ‘ay’ all the time.
    Whatever. :>

  2. i work at a technical college and our lie-berrian pronounces it that way and it drives me up the wall, as for axed..i chalk that up to ebonics and wayyy to many people do it so i guess it has morphed into something greater..or lazier..who knows???

  3. the one that gets to me every year is fiscal. a certain mayor i know talks about the “physical year budget” and “conservative physical policy.”

  4. Chicago pronounced Cheh-ca-go…unfortunately I love in Chicago and hear it that way enough to make my ears bleed.
    And a note to commisserate with my fellow Liz…Canadians and the word out…”oot”?…what the heck is that all aboot?

  5. I had a dear journalism instructor who would teach us about where to insert the “pacific” information in our news writing exercises — meaning, of course, the “specific information” — like, all the time. She was pretty country, but also a college professor for crying out loud!

    I’ve got friends from the Midwest and others with long-established Texas roots who offend in the “warsh” department, so I’ve never been able to pinpoint a regional reason for that. “Warter” for “water” is another doozy they assault me with. Oh well. Maybe when I stop saying “ya’ll,” I’ll have a right to gripe.

  6. I would like to submit “new-cu-lar”, as well as “metafer.”
    I now find regional accents more charming than I used to, so I don’t find stuff like “warsh” nearly as annoying anymore.

  7. regional accents are one thing…like warsh, warshington and oooout..i am a huge proponent of the use of ya’ll, but disregard for the word and its origin are another..

  8. Y’all ain’t heerd nuttin’ til ya heerd dem sayin’ “Yuns”. Which I suppose is a lazier contraction of the already lazy You’uns. Our waitress in Mayville (near Chautauqua) N.Y. used it to start every sentence. “Yuns need any thing else?”…

  9. I work in a library, and I say it correctly! 🙂 I am from the South too, where most of those people who say lie-berry and Warshington probably reside. I am glad I have an education. 😉

  10. Okay, I know that I’m a “a few days late and a few dollars short” but, how about the word, “BOLTH” It is like nails on a chalkboard, when I hear it. Now that I have mentioned this to you, you will be surprised how many people say it. Careful, you may be one. Everytime someone says the word, I have to bite my lip! I want to ask, “Excuse me, can you spell that word for me?” I’m telling you, for me, if I heard it on my first date, there wouldn’t be a second.

  11. I was talking to my real-a-tor about the fall foil-age. Arrrgh. As for the lazy R, I lived in New England for a long time where people would tell you to “Close the DRAW” or to “DRAWER a picture.” Now if they could only swap it around, they’d have some english on their hands.

  12. I’m with Carrie on “new-cu-lar”. That one drives me batty. Personally, I stick to moderately less annoying habits. Like saying “further” when the correct word would be “farther”. Or the fact that I consistantly misspell the word “weird” as “wierd”.

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