new tahiti 80 disc

Why isn’t the world going wild over the new Tahiti 80 album? Geezumpete, it’s an instant classic. Great track after great track. Throw it in the player and it’s a summer day, driving with the top down. We’re talking Official Seal of Approval material here.

5 thoughts on “new tahiti 80 disc”

  1. I’ve seen Tahiti 80 live a few times and they were great, but I couldn’t shake the notion that one of the guys bears a striking resemblence to the ShowBiz Pizza bear.

  2. a quick football note-i am a DIE-HARD redskins fan but since we are 2-4 and are more than likely going to miss the playoffs, i have to give some of my NFC love to the ain’ts!!!!! i hope this will be the year they carry the torch for the NFC, god knows their fans deserve it 😉

  3. I’d never heard of them until about three weeks ago when I was in Austin with someone who had the disc. I’m not sure that I love it yet, but it was definitely interesting.

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