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My quest for Total Canadian Media Domination is one step closer to completion. See this piece on yours truly in Monday’s National Post. Apologies to Fiona, the college girlfriend I exposed unintentionally as “fairly tone deaf.” Apologies also to anyone who had an image of me that did not involve me saying “like” too much. (Come on, Ms. Grice — clean up those quotes of mine!)

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  1. A good friend of mine (despite the fact that he reads that right-wing rag the National Post and obviously not my blog) informed me today about a “cool CD-trading club” he found at Wait until I tell him I drank beer with the proprietor!

  2. I don’t know about the like-mindedness you talk about.
    Lord knows, if you can do the math, I purely love, and look
    forward to more of what I like.
    But I think that tape mixes, as an extended labor of love, an exercise in ambience,
    presuppose some surprises. Say that 3 times fast.
    The one I sent you is a bad example, I guess. But.
    There was this one girl, of course there was.
    She was everything any man with salt in his diet should want.
    The kind, when she smiled at you and meant it,
    if she ever got back up off her back, if she ever regained her land-legs,
    it was your own damn fault.
    She would tell me about this cd, and this movie, the ones I liked, too.
    And then, about the ones she hated she really shouldn’t.
    You got to know, it’s fun. It’s fun to make a tape that can make the medicine go down.
    Line up the things she hasn’t heard, but you know she’ll like.
    With the sore thumbs quiet as my Uncle Do’s hellions after he bought a staple gun.
    So that when she comes to you, and tells you it’s the best stew she ever had,
    you can tell her it’s squirrel.

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