lsu story

Here’s my story from today’s front page, on the history of the LSU-Texas football non-rivalry.
Questions you may be asking: Why did Josh, an education reporter by trade, write a sports story? And how did it end up on the front page, considering how very middling its quality is? These questions, alas, have no answers.

2 thoughts on “lsu story”

  1. Because you work in Texas, where football is life!
    Anyway, the average sportswriter wouldn’t have had the patience to write 20-odd inches on history. And most of us are on vacation right now (or is that just lucky ol’ me? 🙂
    It’s a great first attempt… but don’t join the Toy Department just yet. It’s not nearly as much fun over here as it appears.
    -Jane 🙂
    NYC sportschick

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