romeo and juliet story

Here’s my story from today’s front page, on a new edition of Shakespeare’s plays aimed at people who use the word “crunk” in daily conversation. I never thought I’d use the words “Juliet is a hotty” on the front page of The Dallas Morning News. I wonder how my ex-girlfriend Juliet will react to picking up today’s paper.
(Aside: At the start of the year, I set a goal of getting 35 page 1 stories in 2002 — this is No. 35, just in the nick of time. No. 36 is coming Tuesday.)
I’m off to Louisiana through Wednesday.
(Update: Just realized I had another short piece in today’s paper.)

4 thoughts on “romeo and juliet story”

  1. Bravo for you, dear Josh. But all I really care about is getting news I can use. And with Romeo and Juliet around the corner for me, number 35 will be a fun piece to share with all those 14-year-olds who just don’t think I’m cool … or tight … or whatever. Well, I’m not. But my friend Josh is.

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