fametracker on gq

Fametracker is always best when it’s hopelessly bitter.
On a “what the stars drive” feature in this month’s GQ: One of the people featured showing off his car is Neal Moritz, producer of The Fast and the Furious and XXX. Two excerpts from his answers: ‘I’m addicted to Range Rovers’ and ‘I’m a pretty big fan of money.’ Amazing. You’ve never heard of this man before, but just twelve words later, you already think he’s an asshole.
On another story in the issue: It’s about an assistant who used to work at GQ, then he sold a screenplay. It’s readable and enjoyable. On the downside, it’s written in that flip-literate style that’s so popular these days, as evidenced by the thousands of novels/memoirs about young singles working lower-rung jobs in the New York media, biding their time until they can quit and write a flip-literate novel/memoir about their time working in the New York media. Oh, and navigating that crazy Manhattan singles scene! It’s crazy! Who did I just wake up with?!