weather taks story

Here’s my story from today’s paper, on the postponement of the state’s new standardized test because of North Texas’ wintry weather.
Has anyone ever used the word “wintry” in front of any word other than “weather”? I don’t think so.
As someone who lived in Connecticut and Ohio from 1993 to 2000, I can vouch that the roads here in Dallas are a mess. Up north, cities can deal with this storm fine, but Dallas doesn’t seem to believe in salting or plowing. So every downtown road and every freeway is just a frozen sheet of ice. I’ve skidded out five times in the last 36 hours. At least it gave me an excuse to order in Chinese last night.
This may be the most boring post in history. Apologies.

3 thoughts on “weather taks story”

  1. “Wintry mix” – one of my father’s favorite phrases.
    Don’t ask why I just got around to this now.

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