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I’m off to Chicago tomorrow morning for four days. I used to hang out in Chicago quite a bit in my Toledo days, but it’s been a while. All suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Try to get down to Wrigley to see the Cubs … they’re actually winning some games right now. If you haven’t been to the Green Mill, that’s quite good, too. Hottix has half-price tix for live theatre.

  2. Weiner’s Circle – can’t remember the address, maybe someone call fill in the details. If you have an expense account, try Spring for dinner, or – if you have a REALLY big expense account – try NoMi.

  3. Weiner’s Circle is on Clark just north of Diversey. It is, indeed, a tasty place to get processed meat products. Back in the day (uh, 1997) I had an acquaintance who was ostensibly vegetarian, but he would often get drunk on Saturday nights and walk over to Weiner’s Circle and gorge himself on Polish sausage.
    If you’re a late-night person and you like Thai food, River Kwai is an awesome place to eat. It’s on Belmont at Paulina (just west of the Belmont-Lincoln-Ashland mega-intersection) and it’s only open from 10 PM to 6 AM. You’ll have to wait upwards of an hour, but it’s some of the best Thai food in the city, and clientele is fascinating. And if you like Thai iced coffee, they serve it in huge vats.
    I also have to recommed checking out Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. I haven’t been in a while, but I’m sure it’s still loads of fun. You should try to get there earlyish (around 9:30) and be ready to see a bunch of suburban theatre kids in prom clothes. (It’s a popular post-prom destination for theatre geeks.) There’s tons of good Middle Eastern food in that neighborhood as well–try Kan Zaman or Andie’s.
    Shop for CDs at Reckless Records on Broadway just south of Belmont, or at the Wicker Park location. I don’t remember exactly where the Wicker Park location is, because I don’t like Wicker Park and I tend to avoid the area altogether. Wicker Park does have Quimbys, my all-time favorite place to buy zines and comics.
    And I have to put in a plug for the coolest store in Chicago: Uncle Fun. It’s on Belmont near Southport, and they sell all kinds of crazy stuff. It’s like they discovered the warehouse of lost 1980s toys and cheapie carnival prizes. And it’s all cheap! Viva la $10 Toto t-shirt!

  4. nanette, uncle fun is the one place that my sister (she lives in Chicago) insists that all of her out-of-town guests go to! I’m also partial to the Fluevog outlet store in the Wicker Park area (?) but hadn’t mentioned it before, since I couldn’t really see Josh spending his 4 days shoe-shoppin…:)

  5. You were in Chicago for 4 days and you didn’t call/write or anyhting . . . asshole.
    Well, I did leave Dallas without so much as a a goodbye.
    But still . . . I actually went to the Cubs game that Thursday, sat in an empty luxury box . . .
    See you in Lafayette, punk.

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