4 thoughts on “malkmus show”

  1. you other folks should scrape up the change and accompany the dashing journalist — sm and the jix put on a great show last night at the el rey here in los angeles. somewhere along the line, stephen m. turned into a bona fide 6-string shred hero. comparisons to lloyd/verlaine were prevalent. the band was very tight, much more so than pavement ever was on stage. the set moved along, exclusively from the 2 solo albums. they closed with an impromptu version of ‘i will dare’ by the replacements. two thumbs up (that’s all i’ve got).

  2. I’m going with a friend, although we plan to arrive fashionably late due to my work schedule and the crappy opening band. We would revel in your companionship.

  3. Will try to shake free of existing obligation. Could really use a FIELD TRIP with fresh faces.

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