alone on an island

An Island to Oneself, the story of Tom Neale, who spent parts of three decades living alone on a South Pacific island. (This one’s for you, Gary, the lover of all things island.)
By the way, I’ll be on TXCN in the 7 o’clock hour, talking about test scores. It’ll repeat through the night. Not one of my best performances, though, so feel free to skip it.

2 thoughts on “alone on an island”

  1. You know, while I’ve always said that would be a cool way to live, reading this thing kind of makes the guy seem a little off. Not sure what that says about me, but maybe Dallas isn’t so bad. Excellent find.

  2. I had forgotten you were now a columnist for the DMN. Imagine my surprise to flip open the paper and see our very own Josh Benton’s picture!

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