boot camp for pew

I just found out that my Pew Fellowship will also include a 2.5-day training course run by the Centurion Risk Assessment Group. It’s called “Hostile Environments and Emergency First Aid Training,” which is a shortened version of this five-day program.
Among the issues covered: ballistics awareness, how to react to a hostage taking, the pros and cons of wearing personal protective equipment, mines and booby traps, working with helicopters/light aircraft, and my personal favorite, “Controlling bleeds (gunshot/stab/mine blast injuries, etc.)”
Basically, British ex-Marines will yell at me for extended periods of time. Boot camp for budding foreign correspondents. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.

3 thoughts on “boot camp for pew”

  1. I am so jealous. Please take detailed notes and save any explicit handouts for our online perusal. And, if you find yourself wearing fatigues at any time, have someone take a picture.

  2. woe to any terrorist who tries to take you hostage! they’d be begging the pew fellowship to take your ass back in under 24 hours. 😉

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