monkeyphonecall update

Evidence No. 2,304 that gets things done: Remember that post last month about and its Dallas connections?
Well, it just so happens that a reader also works for D Magazine, our local city mag. Which is why in this month’s issue, you’ll find this crabwalk-inspired piece (second item).
Among the revelations: Mr. Monkeyphonecall has grossed around $10,000 with his e-biz. That’s more than! And this great quote: “When I was a kid, my mom always used to tell me, ‘Lars, just do what you love, and one day you’ll figure out a way to make money doing it.’ I think she intended that I would love being a doctor or an attorney. But the truth is, I just love making monkey noises.”
Sadly, the article only uses Lars’ first name. I have no such restraints, Lars Hundley of 5200 Martel Avenue!
(Also, props to Adam for uncovering Lars’ connection to, which my research had not uncovered. Now complete with vaguely offensive Charlie Chan dialogue!)