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The Pope’s not a Catholic! He’s an imposter seeking to destroy the church! So says Mel Gibson’s dad, one of the world’s preeminent retro-Catholics. He’s a Vatican II hater, and thinks performing mass in anything other than Latin is an abomination and a sign of the apocalypse.
Keep Papa Gibson’s background in mind if you go see Mel’s new Christ-on-the-cross movie The Passion — filmed entirely in Latin and Aramaic and without subtitles.

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  1. TNR’s Paula Fredriksen recently had a good article on Gibson’s film in a recent issue. (Need a subscription for the full text.) Sounds like 1) Gibson’s Dad really is a nut–a Holocaust denier as well as an Opus Deist reactionary, 2) there are some weird anti-Semitic politics floating around the whole enterprise, and 3) they’re probably going to add subtitles after all.

  2. Liberal, I don’t think soooooo. They just came out, again, against abortion, same sex marriages and euthanasia. I am surprised that they didn’t include women in the church with them. Too bad they said nothing about priests who abuse children. bah!

  3. Well, guys, there’s different sorts of catholics, like all protestants are not puritans or mormons…
    And not all the catholics are Pope-o-philes (at least in Europe or South America), although that may not seem obvious from the outside.

  4. ugh. I watched a full-screen preview of it the other day and almost lost my lunch. The gore is over the top and I find it hard to believe he could keep going after losing so much blood.
    I am waiting for someone to make a movie of this book.

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