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Like the designers of the Rolls Royce, I’m always hesitant to change this site’s basic design — it’s difficult to improve upon perfection, both visual and functional. (My tongue is slowly boring a hole in my left cheek, by the way.)
But the new button in the right sidebar indicates my status as a stop on the Virtual Book Tour, the latest brainchild of my buddy Kevin Smokler (stage-managed by Susan Kaup). We’ll see how it works out, but on July 17, I’m supposed to do something on this site related to Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers (W.W. Norton), by Mary Roach. Just finished it yesterday.
In other news, I’d like to thank whichever government functionary approved the construction on I-20 east of Canton. The two hours and 29 minutes (I counted) it took me to travel 13 miles this afternoon — in an AC-less car, with temps reaching 110 in the front seat — provided much time for quiet contemplation of the universe’s great quandaries. Some swearing, too, but let’s focus on the quiet contemplation.

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  1. I’m interested to hear what you thought of it. I finished it in about two days’ worth of baths, and while I am still adamantly in favor of donating my body to science, I’ve become paranoid about dying a plane crash. Go figure.

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