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I think my media burst is over. Taped a radio show yesterday afternoon, followed by TXCN and, this morning, Good Morning Texas, where I was interviewed by none other than Professional Blogger Scott Sams. I even got to sit on some of that new set furniture Scott’s not so high on.
Our back-to-school section came out today. My centerpiece (and what I was interviewed about today) was this piece, which I think turned out pretty well. In order to show how the college admissions process works, I created five imaginary high school seniors and had them “apply” to five selective private universities. (The schools knew what was going on.) I completed full applications for each of the kids, down to writing the essays and creating fake teacher recommendations and interview reports. Then the schools rendered their verdict on each one.
Here are the five kids: Emily, the physics genius; Jennie, the homecoming queen; Robert, the soccer player; Jacob, the class president; and Kristie, the oboe prodigy. (There’s also a PDF of the package available.)

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  1. hello. thanks for mentioning me in your comments.
    i wasn’t aware that i was a professional blogger.
    now, i know. thanks again.

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